Silverfern Miniature Goat Stud is situated in South West Victoria and is owned and operated by Maddie & Roseanne Hunger. We have been breeding quality Australian Miniature Goats for over a decade now starting with two does who started off as 'just pets'! 

Over the years our stud has grown, developed and established and for most of the year we have around 20 goats. Our entire herd is CAE and JD tested every year by our local vet clinic and we have returned negative results for all of our stock each year for every year since we commenced testing some years ago now. We rarely buy in new stock now but when we have done all animals have had cleared testing and have come from reputable studs with a history of testing. 

We are active show goers, we love the shows for the ability to learn and improve our breeding but most importantly for the time we get to spend with like minded people who will happily talk goats all day! The miniature goat world truely is where you can make some life long friends. 

Animal welfare and health is our number one priority before anything else. 

Our kidding season is usually between August to October each year so have bottle fed babies available annually, along with some breeding stock. 

We are always more than happy to help establish new potential studs, and to also help families with their journey of goats as pets. 

Goats make THE BEST family pets and will give you years of entertainment, love and joy.