Silverfern Miniature Goats

Welcome to our bucks page!

Here we have our gorgeous men of the family. Our boys have big personalities and are great to be around apart from the smell! We are currently growing out two little boys imparticular who we hope will be the next big thing in our breeding program. Both these boys have qualitly lines behind them and we cannot wait to see what they do over the next few years for us here at Silverfern.

Silverfern Richie McCaw             D.O.B: 23/8/14    Potential Purebred                                 

 Dam: Coldridge Park Princess Tara      Sire: Coldridge Park Fiasco

Richie is a sweet little buck who is still reasonably small as he is is approaching 3 years. He has attitude to boot and this is clearly evident in the show ring where he struts his stuff. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this little fella and are awaiting his final height. 

Silverfern Conrad Smith

D.O.B: 8/8/17

Dam: Coldridge Park Princess Tara

Sire: Coldridge Park Levi 

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