Silverfern Miniature Goats

Welcome to our does Page. Here we have a list of our girls that live at Silverfern. 

each of ours does here has a purpose and is a significant part to our breeding program. They all have great personalities and are a pleasure to own. We have a range of different colours and a real variety in our girls. We hope you enjoy having a look at them...

Coldridge Park Princess Tara    D.O.B: 10/8/2010    A grade  55.5cm                                 

Dam: Brythy Park Princess Shari            Sire: Brythy Park Splinter

Brythy Park Ebony       D.O.B: 8/7/12 A grade   HEIGHT VERIFIED: 54.3cm                         

 Dam: Coldridge Park Missy           Sire: Brythy Park Splinter

Kazoo Starr     D.O.B:13/8/13  Potential Purebred                                                                
Dam: Bouncing Hooves Hocus Pocus      Sire: Bouncing Hooves Double Trouble  

Silverfern Brooke   Potential Purebred  D.O.B: 23/11/14                                                     

 Dam: Brythy Park Ebony              Sire: Coldridge Park Levi

Silverfern Chloe   D.O.B: 23/11/14  Potential Purebred                                                

 Dam: Brythy Park Ebony              Sire: Coldridge Park Levi

Silverfern Farrah     25% American Pygmy Doe     D.O.B: 21/09/16 Dam: Bouncing Hooves Halleys Comet    

  Sire: Trinity Captain America 

Silverfern Livi    D.O.B: 23/11/14   Potential Purebred                                                        

 Dam: Brythy Park Ebony                Sire: Coldridge Park Levi

Silverfern Honey   (25% Pygmy)  D.O.B 22/09/15 

SIRE: Trinity Captain America       DAM: Kazoo Peaches and Cream

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